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UNBUNDLING LEGAL SERVICES and Limited Scope Representation

What you don't know can hurt you.

In today's market, many are forced to represent themselves in court due to inability to afford legal fees. But there is a third alternative, unbundling legal services. What does that mean?

An attorney normally represents you fully after you sign the fee agreement.

A relatively new alternative is the limited scope agreement. You meet with your prospective attorney and discuss how involved you can afford for her or him to be in your case. Can you afford appearances, paperwork, consultations, preparation for hearings, disclosure, or discovery review at the hourly fee? How brave are you to appear on your own? Some tasks involve just paperwork, others may require an appearance in court.

Once you both agree upon the scope of the representation, the fee agreement and the limited scope appearance with the court will specify what the arrangement is. An advanced fee with then be a good deal smaller than as with full representation.

If you wish to increase representation in your case, you can come to a new agreement and new paperwork. An additional advanced fee may then be necessary.

I have represented clients for paperwork and advice only, for preparation for a particular hearing, or for review of their case to determine what the next step would be. I have no problem unbundling legal services to make my expertise available for the widest number of clients that I can reach. At the initial consultation, I review my fees and the strategy for your case.

I look forward to working with you toward the best result that we can achieve given your resources.

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